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    Reuben’s in the Buffalo News

    The more authentic New York delis we have in our area, the happier I will be.

    I grew up in Albany, eating corned beef and knishes at delis whose owners brought the joys of lox, matzo balls and pastrami upstate. One of the things I missed most when I moved west was Dr. Brown’s black cherry soda – never pop.  Read More…

    • The soup was fantastic, they must have kidnapped someone's grandmother or stole her recipe. The broth was brilliant, a very clean chicken flavor, not too salty and they didn't skimp on the chicken or veggies. The matzo was of a decent size, a little smaller than a baseball and it was very light and soft, almost pillowy.

      ~Jordan M.

    • When you start with a bowl of Matzo Ball soup and finish the juicy brisket sandwich made with two big perfectly cooked latkes instead of bread, you probably will say "Oy Vey, I'm full," like I did. But will you take a Black and White Cookie to go? If you are smart you will. What a treat for a born and bred NYC boy! This is my second visit, the first still lingering in memory, because the steaming hot freshly sliced pastrami was delish, and I finished that even though I had a chopped liver app! Authentic Jewish Deli.

      ~Randy O.

    • Reuben's N.Y. Deli fills a need that is sorely lacking in Western New York: A NY-style, jewish-like, delicatessen.

      ~Darren P.

    • Being from Florida, I grew up on delis like TooJays, Flakowitz, and Rascal House that attempted to recreate the likes of Carnegie, Katz's, and 2nd Ave. Since moving to Buffalo last year I have not been able to find a true Jewish-style NY deli until now. We all have heard of these "NY deli's" in town...the ones that claim to be the real deal serving assorted deli meats yet their menu's always feature a greek souvlaki or middle-eastern shawarma. And I'll admit I was initially disappointed and skeptical after reading suboptimal reviews here. But I came down with a cold and was in need of Jewish penicillin (aka Matzo Ball soup) and so I ventured out to Reuben's for some nosh.

      ~Matt R.

    • You can court some girls with flowers and candy.  It's not like I don't like 'em.  It's just that the best way to this girl's heart is with a good matzo ball.  SERIOUSLY!  I absolutely love 'em!  And the "balls" at "Reuben's" are just about perfect.... not too fluffy... not too dense....JUST RIGHT!  And they are floating in a sea of the most perfect chicken soup that I've had since I was a little girl and my Grandma in the Bronx used to make it for me. Heaven in a bowl!

      ~Jody G.

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